March 22, 2017 Broadsheet

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Our mission is to foster liberal religious ideals through public worship, study, service and fellowship; to provide a public forum to address religious, ethical and moral issues; to support individual freedom of belief and caring human relationships; to become an intentionally diverse community; to engage in promoting a just and humane social order


Jolene L’Tainen,
Fri, Mar 10
Neenah Newell, 
Tues, Mar 14
Don L’Tainen,
Wed, Mar 15
Jackie Mathwich, 
Sat, Mar 18


Sunday Service, Mar 26, 10 a.m., Stephen Buckingham, “Sanctuary, State Action, and Engagement.”  Since the election, many UUs have asked what they can do to preserve the progress our nation has made toward the beloved community. In this service, we will explore how we got off the path and some actions we can take to bend the arc of the universe back towards justice.
Childcare for infants and toddlers will be available during the service.
Special music for this service will be performed by pianist Dick Durham.
Animals in the Humane Society always appreciate your caring gifts, such as:  Comfortable old sheets, towels, blankets and paper products (toilet paper and towels).  The blue collection bins will be available on the 3rd and 4th Sundays of the month at the UU Church lobby.  Betty Kerr for the CAWS (Chestertown Animal Welfare Society) Committee.
Get your new (white) UUCR golf shirts!  Available at the UUCR office for $21.  Many sizes available; other sizes can be ordered.

Apr 2, Ms. Annie Lavin, “Science as Religion.” Calling all UUCRs to help  navigate this theory. While many have written in esoteric, scholarly terms on the subject of “Science as Religion,” it was UU Janeen Grohsmeyer, a physicist, mathematician, writer, and storyteller,  whose writings caught my attention and helped me to see science as a fundamental belief system.  Join us as we use the scientific method in examining both science and religion and draw  our own conclusions. Though some will remain firm in their thinking about the difference between science and religion, others may expand their boundaries of religion – perhaps to include science. We will explore this path together. Lend your voice to the discussion.  Our dedicated collection this Sunday will be for “For All Seasons,” a nonprofit behavioral and rape crisis center. 

Apr 9, Rev. Dr. Michael Franch, “Worth and Dignity in the Age of Trump.” 

We have seen a coarsening of public discourse in the past several years, and the new administration has pledged to challenge values we hold dear. This is ominous not because (or just because) we hold particular political views, but because we hold particular religious views. The good news is that our faith affords us the tools, the values, and the community to meet these challenges. Special music by Fredy Granillo.
Apr 16, Easter “Generational” Service, “Add the Alleluias!”

Fri, Mar 31, afternoon at the Mt. Olive AME Church in Worton — Fish Fry!  Save the date! This is a fundraiser co-sponsored by our Building Bridges partnership to assure that all participants in the May bus trip to the African American Museum will go free.  While all tickets have been allotted, there is a waiting list on the white board in the lobby.  The fish fry will start at 10 a.m. in the morning and continue until 5 p.m. or until the food runs out–and apparently this happens frequently.  We recommend that you place an order to guarantee getting a meal or a la cart items.   Forms are available on the table in the church lobby and can be returned through March 30.  Give to Bob Bjork or call the number on the form.  We need volunteers Thursday night to help with preparations and the day of the event.  More info to come on this. Thanks for your support of this important partnership event!!  Questions? Please call Pat Kobes, 443-282-5253.
Sat, Apr 1 – Better Together: Central East Region Leadership Day and UUA Presidential Candidates Forum — Cedar Lane:  Morning forum; afternoon workshops with Carey McDonald, Rev. David Pyle, and Bill Clontz.  Register Now!  
We have now learned that the debate among candidates for UUA President will be live streamed. Our PR committee will set up a projection at church for this; stay tuned for more about how people can either come to the church or tap into the stream if they want to from home. This may be the only chance people get to see the candidates and hear their positions so it might be of interest to many in our congregation.
Tues, Apr 18, 7 p.m. at UUCR — Screening of “National Geographics Gender Revolution,” with Katie Couric. Sponsored by UUCR and PFLAG Chestertown. See blurb below for more about this exciting event!
Sun, May 22, UUCR’s Annual Meeting — mark your calendars.


We’ve had positive responses to the Gratitude Buddies initiative since the letters went out to members and friends at the end of January. If you haven’t already done so, we hope that you will find a way to find out what your gratitude buddy does for UUCR and show your appreciation in some way before June 30.
Some ideas for what people do: greet visitors, serve on a committee, serve on the Board, make coffee, support the congregation financially, chair a committee, run a fundraiser, serve as a service leader, help out with yard clean-up, help out with a fundraiser, teach Religious Education, reach out to others, serve as a Pastoral Associate, host a potluck, organize Breakfast at Beverly’s, work on legislative issues through the Maryland UU Legislative group . . . what did we leave out?
Some ways to show gratitude: write a thank you note, take your buddy some flowers or homemade cookies, take him/her out for coffee, send an email, drop off some flowers or a bottle of wine . . . use your imagination!
If you’re not sure what your gratitude buddy does, ask Margo, Pat, or Amy.  To get you started, look over the list of chairs and members of our committees and the list of fundraiser coordinators that’s attached. Remember you’re supposed to find out what your GB does without asking him/her directly.
If you have a question, please email Amy at
This initiative is about nurturing a culture of gratitude at UUCR.  We hope that you will participate in that spirit.
Sincerely, The Leadership Development Committee–Amy Warner, Betty Kerr, and Dorothy Jensen


on April 2: For All Seasons

Our “promoted” local charity for the month of March is “For All Seasons,” a behavioral health and rape crisis center.  For more than 30 years For All Seasons has been strengthening and enhancing the lives of children, adolescents, adults, seniors, couples and families on Maryland’s Mid-Shore by providing a full continuum of bilingual (English-Spanish) outpatient behavioral health services, regardless of ability to pay. Its mission is to provide the highest level of comprehensive and integrated therapy, advocacy, and psychiatric care in a safe environment where those who have entrusted the organization with their care are empowered and nurtured on their journey to wellness.
Its services include:
  • Individual, Family & Group Therapy
  • General & Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  • Marriage and Couples Counseling
  • Grief Counseling
  • School Based Mental Health Therapy in Caroline, Kent and Dorchester County schools
  • Tele-psychiatry
  • Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment (mental health and substance use)
  • 24 Hour On-Call Services
  • Discharge & Aftercare Planning
  • Urgent Care Services (Contact Eastern Shore Crisis Response Helpline 1-888-407-8018)

Our collection on April 2 will be given in its entirety to For All Seasons, except for pledge checks; please indicate on the memo line if your check is to fulfill your UUCR yearly pledge.


The Pledge Drive is rolling along.  Many thanks for those who have already submitted their pledge.  If you haven’t sent in your pledge, please do so as soon as possible. We need your help in meeting our  goal.
You can mail the signed Pledge sheet to the office at 914 Gateway Drive, Chestertown or drop it off at the church office. If you do not have a Pledge sheet, contact Jim Lavin ( One will be emailed to you immediately.
Thanks for your support!


YOU are invited to a screening and discussion of:
National Geographic’s Gender Revolution, a journey with Katie Couric
When: Tuesday April 18th, 7 pm
Where: 914 Gateway Drive, Chestertown, MD
Sponsored by: Unitarian Universalist of the Chester River and PFLAG Chestertown Chapter

UUCR member Jan Whitney just got her license and is now a real estate agent with Blue Heron Real Estate in Granville; she will be serving both the eastern and western shores of Maryland.  Jan asks that we “please give me a boost by thinking of me if you are planning a real state transaction or by recommending me to those you know.”  Her phone number as a realtor is 410-279-1079.

Samuel Moore is our visiting artist for the months of February and March.  Sam has exhibited at the River Arts and other venues, and brings a wide canvas of mostly abstracts to his work.
Here is his statement:  “I have always loved art and could say I admire so many other artists, and I do.  But I will tell you about what I want you to feel when you see my art.  My name is S.E. Moore.  I am a local black artist.  I describe my art as eclectic and soulful.  Art should bring you into its soul and this is what I want mine to do.  My biggest love is abstract art because it is just so freeing and it works for me.  A very good fit.  All my work so far has been done in acrylic print.”