June 21, 2017 Broadsheet

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Our mission is to foster liberal religious ideals through public worship, study, service and fellowship; to provide a public forum to address religious, ethical and moral issues; to support individual freedom of belief and caring human relationships; to become an intentionally diverse community; to engage in promoting a just andhumane social order.
Dan Stotts, Thur, June 1

Rob Warner,

Tues, June 6
Linda Dutton,
Thurs, June 8
Meghan Ferster
Sun, June 11
Jan Whitney
Sun, June 11
Jane Hardy
 Thurs, June 15
Margie Conlin,
Fri, June 16
Emily Mathwich,
Thurs, June 29


Sat, June 24, 4 – 8 p.m. at UU Fellowship of Easton, 7401 Ocean Gateway (Rte. 50), Easton — PFLAG Pride Picnic.  Bring a dish to share, BYOB. Rain or shine; friends and family fun — you belong! Carpooling from Chestertown and Centreville can be arranged. Send us a message atpflagchestertown@gmail.com 
Sunday Service, June 25, 10 a.m., Dianne Turpin, 
“Children’s Day.”   
This Sunday please bring donations for our animal friends! Orphan animals housed at the local Humane Society shelter are in need of comfort items, such as used towels, sheets, blankets and rugs. Also all varieties of food and treats, toys, and visitors are welcome.  Place items in the bin at church this week. CAWS (Animal Ministry Committee)
Notice to all: This week is  “Mulch Madness” 
Week!  We still have a large pile of mulch that needs to be spread. So far my calendar for next week (June 25 through June 30) is pretty much open except for Thursday.  Please let me know if you are able and interested in helping out.  If we do this work ourselves, it will save UUCR another $300.  I will try to mark the areas where the mulch should be placed; there are tools in the small shed, and my wheelbarrow under the deck.  I plan to work out there early mornings, weather depending.  Diane 410-490-0492 or  dash50@atlanticbb.net
July 2, Carl Gallegos, Ph.D., “Green Sanctuary.”
July 9, Steven and Sybil Wolin, “Jerusalem: At the Crossroads of Culture and History.”
July 16, Vida Morley, “Losing and Loss.”
July 23, Margie Conlin, “Why Is It So Hard to Love the People We Hate?”
Aug 13, Dr. Harry Hart, TBA
Opportunities await you to lead a summer Sunday discussion! To sign up, please post your name on the SUMMER SESSIONS SIGN-UP sheet on the white bulletin board.  Please write in your name for a selected date even if you have not decided on the discussion/title.  These very informal lay-led summer sessions in the past filled up quickly, causing disappointment for some members and friends. Make haste to sign up, as the next opportunity is not until summer of 2018.
If you have a concern or question about summer sessions, (same Sunday hour but endless variety of possible presentations), speak to any of the worship committee: Annie Lavin, Kim Agee, Lynn Dolinger, Nancy Holland, Vida Morley, and Margo Long.

I would like to take this moment to thank the UUCR Board and Committees for a phenomenally productive year, proving once again the strength and resiliency of this faith community!  We are finishing the final details of the contract with
Rev. Sue Browning, and I know we all look forward to our unfolding journey with her.  Thanks to Ralph Dolinger and Jim Lavin for overseeing contractors, our building has been recently freshened up with new railing caps, deck repairs, power-washing, and new paint both inside and out; the carpeting will soon be cleaned as well.  As I finish my term as your Board President,  I look forward to all the new opportunities emerging for us and the renewed vitality that we create for one another.  I can’t wait to see where our congregation-wide theme of
Building Community takes us this coming year!

Rev. Dan Higgins, longtime supporter of and oft-times minister to our congregation, passed away on June 9.  Here is part of our own Pat Bjorke’s tribute to him, for those of you who are not receivers of our Yahoo Group notices:
Just before his “final” retirement from UUCR (yes, there were a couple!), Dan gifted us with the small pulpit, embellished with a gold chalice, that lives quietly by the front door of our church lobby.  Before he left, Dan graced us with his last and perhaps most poignant story.  When Dan was 15, the Methodist church to which his family belonged lost its minister.  “Cap’t Higgins,” Dan’s father who was captain of the Claiborne ferry, told him that while the congregation would eventually gain a new minister, the most pressing need was for a pastoral presence in the adult Sunday School hour.  Dan was immediately pressed into service to fill that role. And to seal the deal, Capt. Higgins had the ferry’s ship carpenter build him a pulpit.  Dan later hand-painted the gold chalice onto the front of the pulpit and used it during his long career as a UU minister, moving it from congregation to congregation with each new call.  (N.B.: If you’d like to read Pat’s entire tribute, please contact Jane Hardy, Broadsheet editor at janewhardy@gmail.com)
There will be a memorial service for Dan at a later date. Here is a link to his obituary, which describes the life of a most remarkable man:

Dianne Turpin
I am Dianne, daughter of Elizabeth, daughter of Helen, daughter of Elnora. I can say this today because back when UUCR was new, a group of UU visiting women brought us a service that opened with each woman introducing herself thus.
My own recitation on that day: “I am Dianne, daughter of Elnora.” The fact that I knew nothing of my mother’s family led me to a second fact.  I had been missing a grandmother for a very long time. I was in first grade, learning to read with Dick and Jane, (Remember Dick and Jane?) There they were-running toward their Grandmother, her arms open in welcome. I loved that picture!  I went home and asked my mother, “Why don’t I have a grandmother?”
Since 2011 I have devoted much effort to that question. I have spent hours online, in libraries, in cemeteries and old neighborhoods. I found that poor girl who would have been my grandmother, dead at 23. But there was her mother.  My Great Grandmother!
Today I know her, and I know that she loved me. She spent my first year making a great scrapbook just for me. It is unlike anything else! It is quite simply a labor of love.
So, thanks to those early UU guests, today I possess two remarkable treasures. Against all odds, I found the very book in which Dick and Jane visit Grandmother.  And that picture is exactly as I remembered!  And better still, in the course of my research I have found a very dear cousin-she who searched for years for her grandmother’s mysterious half-sister. Elnora.  My cousin is Susan.
I am Dianne, daughter of Elizabeth, daughter of Helen, daughter of Elnora.
And I am a thankful UU!

Dianne Turpin, May 7, 2017

Fri, July 21, 6 p.m., Potluck Dinner at the home of Diane Shields and Kevin Brien.

July 27, 28, and 29, Delmarva Cluster Social Justice Project.  The Central Delaware Habitat for Humanity (CDHFH) has several new homes under construction in the greater Dover area. Being centrally located, Dover is perfect for a joint Delmarva Cluster work project. CDHFH is enthusiastic about welcoming our helping hands. They are an interfaith organization with a long history of working with church organizations, and have  scheduled work groups for anywhere from one day to two weeks. They have reserved Thursday, Friday and Saturday, July 27, 28, 29 specifically for us. Anyone and everyone (over 16) from all of our eight Delmarva congregations are invited to join in on one, two or all three days. All skill levels welcome; there will even be some training. There is always enough work for everyone.

For over 60 years, Habitat has been providing homes at affordable rates for people who might otherwise not have the opportunity of owning their own home. This is a great opportunity for us to participate in their mission and vision; and it is quite clearly consistent with our Unitarian & Universalist values. I have personally participated in many HFH projects in Wilmington, in South Dakota, along the Gulf Coast, and in South Africa. It has always been a rewarding, gratifying, and inspiring experience. It can be for you too.
People can contact me at: gnc1973@gmail.com for more information and to sign up for the team. This project is not only an opportunity for people to perform local social justice work, but also to have fun and to connect with other UU’s from FUCW, UUSMC, UUFN, UUCD, UUSD, UUCR, UUFS, and UUFE . Together we can make a difference.
Rev. Greg Chute, UUs of Central Delaware

As we approach the end of the “regular” church year, please take a few moments to finish up on this year’s Gratitude Buddies initiative.  If you haven’t had a chance to thank the person who you were assigned, now would be a good time! If you’re not sure who you’re supposed to thank, please email me at amylydia10@yahoo.com and I can fill you in.
If you have thanked that person, we do appreciate it! Betty, Dorothy, and I have gotten such positive feedback from those who’ve been recipients of gratitude from their buddies.  We’ve heard about members and friends getting flowers brought to their doorstep and receiving thoughtfully-written notes, among other gestures of appreciation. Thanks to everyone who took the time and put some thought into these actions.
Amy Warner

For the months of April, May, and June we plan to display the oil paintings and watercolors of Linda Hall. Here’s a brief bio:  Linda King Hall moved to Kent County from Bucks County, PA, in 1997.  She makes her home in Betterton.  Originally from Ohio, she is a graduate of Ohio University, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.  She studied for three years with artist and illustrator Charles Reid.  She has taught art, K thru 12.  After taking two master’s courses at Fairfield University, she worked with advertising agencies and design studios for fifteen years.
She has participated in numerous juried art shows, winning over 50 awards.
Linda is a Partner at the Artists’ Gallery on High Street, as well as a member of River Arts, and the Working Artist Forum in Easton.