Oct 22, Rosie Ramsey. Special music by Freddie Granillo

Rebecca Solnit writes of a future that is unknown, dark, with an enveloping sense of possibility and com- munion. Martin Luther King Jr. considered “agape,” or love in action, as going to any length to restore community and heal that which divides us.  Click on above title for audio of service.

Oct 15, Rev. Sue Browning, “Being in Two Places at Once.”

Click on above title for audio. If only we could be two places at once. Just imagine being able to accept two invitations. Strictly speaking, it’s impossible to be in two distinct places in the same moment, or is it? As Unitarian Universalists we’re challenged to a free and responsible search for truth and meaning, … Continued

Oct 8, Rev. Greg Chute, “Whatever Happened to Forgiveness?”

Click on above title to listen to audio.  We don’t talk much about forgiveness; the word didn’t even make it into our UU 7 Principles statement of values. Is it relevant? Worthy of our attention? How do we feel about the idea? Or is there something better?