Mar 25, Rev. Karen Scrivo, “Called to Repair the World.”

There’s no shortage of justice work that needs doing in today’s world. How do we find the work that we are called to do and the faith and strength to sustain it, and ourselves, for the long haul?

Apr 1, Rev. Sue Browning, “In the Fresh Light of Morning.”

When in your life have you discovered a fresh perspective? Are there mornings when you see the yesterday’s realities in a new light? At this service Rev. Sue Browning will explore the contrasts between darkness and light in the Christian story of Good Friday and Easter. Clarinetist Rebekah Hardy and harpist Meredith Hadaway will be our guest musicians for this service.

Apr 8, Josh Long, “Can You See the Miracle?”

Apr 15, Rev. Sue Browning, “Looking Back, Looking Forward: The Unitarian Tradition.” 

If you were transported back 100 years, would you recognize the Unitarian faith? What has changed and what has stayed the same? At this service with Rev. Sue Browning we’ll consider the evolution of Unitarianism and ask which parts of the tradition continue to sustain us in 2018.   Music by “High and Wides”.

Apr 22, Green Sanctuary Committee, Earth Day

Apr 29, Leika Lewis-Cornwall

Drawn from the children’s book The Dot, this multisensory service explores the ways we make our mark on the world, and the joy of embracing both “enough” and “too much.”