Aug 27, Diane Shields, “Shinrin-Yoku.”

Diane explains, “Unless it is TRULY unbearably hot (or if we have thunderstorms), I plan to lead an exercise of Shinrin-Yoku in UUCR’s Memorial Woodland. Click on “NEWS” for additional description..

Sept 3, Picnic and Poetry, Our Final Summer Sunday Session

 This, our final Summer Sunday Session is to be an acknowledgement and celebration of all who led, participated, and filled the sanctuary this summer.   Our hearts, minds, and bodies love the cadence of good poetry, although ‘good poetry’ is a discussion point. Our favorite, Mary Oliver, has a new book of poetry that might join us.  New or old, … Continued

Sept 10, Rev. Dr. Richard Speck, “Blended Waters, Blended Lives.”

 As we begin the traditional start of the church year, we will once again blend the water from our lives with the gathered community. Just as no single water molecule can survive long without others, our community is needed for our individual lives.  Come and celebrate our regathered community.

Sept 17, Rev. Sue Browning.  Special music by Nevin Dawson.

Sept 24, Rev. Dr. David Pyle, UUCR Mission/Vision