Mar 26, Stephen Buckingham, “Sanctuary, State Action, and Engagement.”

Since the election, many UUs have asked what they can do to preserve the progress our nation has made toward the beloved community. In this service, we will explore how we got off the path and some actions we can take to bend the arc of the universe back towards justice. Music pianist Dick Durham.

April 2, Ms. Annie Lavin, “Science as Religion.”

Calling all UUCRs to help  navigate this theory. While many have written in esoteric, scholarly terms on the subject of “Science as Religion,” it was UU Janeen Grohsmeyer, a physicist, mathematician, writer, and storyteller,  whose writings caught my attention and helped me to see science as a fundamental belief system. Click on ‘NEWS’ for details.

April 9, Rev. Dr. Michael Franch, “Worth and Dignity in the Age of Trump.”

We have seen a coarsening of public discourse in the past several years, and the new administration has pledged to challenge values we hold dear. This is ominous not because (or just because) we hold particular political views, but because we hold particular religious views. Click on ‘NEWS’ for more.

April 16, Easter “Generational” Service!