Jan 28, Gary Jackoway, “Babylon.”

 In 600 BCE, Jerusalem was sacked by the Babylonians and thousands of Jews were taken to Babylon as slaves. How they reacted to exile, and how each of us reacts to feeling like strangers in a strange land, will be discussed in this service.

Feb 4, Rev. Sue Browning

Feb 11, Sherwin Markman, “Decency in the American Presidency: Do We Have It?  Have We Ever Had It?  Will We Have It Again?”  

Sherwin Markman, an experienced observer of the American political scene, was an assistant to President Lyndon Johnson at a time when, with the active participation of both political parties, immense progress was achieved in such areas as voting rights, civil rights, Medicare, child care, and much, much more. He will share his current views.

Feb 18, Rev. Sue Browning

Feb 25, Bishop Charles Tilghman, “How Can You Hate Me When You Don’t Know Who I Am?”